dianabol reviews

Dianabol reviews

The ability of misoprostol to encourage uterine contractions and cervical ripening facilitates the removal of the uterus.
After taking mifepristone, misoprostol can induce or enhance the frequency and force of dianabol reviews spontaneous uterine contractions.
The drug has a weak stimulating effect on the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. Large doses of misoprostol inhibit gastric acid secretion.

The drug is rapidly absorbed after oral administration, completely soaked in 1.5 hours. The maximum concentration of the active metabolite (misoprostol acid) is achieved after 15 minutes in the blood plasma; at a dosage of 200 mg of its average value is 0.309 mg / l. The active metabolite is excreted from the body mainly in the urine, elimination half-life of 36-40 minutes.

interrupt early pregnancy (up to 42 days of amenorrhea) in combination with mifepristone.



  • dianabol reviews side effectsHypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • Diseases associated with prostaglandin-dependent, or contraindications to the use of prostaglandins: glaucoma, asthma, hypertension;
  • Endocrinopathies and endocrine diseases siistemy, including diabetes mellitus, adrenal dysfunction
  • Gormonalnozavisimyh tumor;
  • Anemia;
  • Lactation;
  • The use of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs before use must be removed);
  • Suspected ectopic pregnancy.Use during pregnancy and lactation
    The drug can be used only for pregnant her interruption, otherwise it is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy. In establishing pregnancy in patients taking dianabol reviews, therapy with this drug should be discontinued. It is necessary to inform patients about the potential dangers of misoprostol (teratogenic effects).
    Breast-feeding should be stopped for 7 days after taking mifepristone in a method of medical abortion (5 days after taking misoprostol).Dosage and administration
    for termination of pregnancy in conjunction with mifepristone drug should be used in facilities that are appropriately trained medical staff buy dianabol.
    Inside, 36-48 hours after ingestion of 600 mg (3 tablets) administered mifepristone 400 mg (2 tablets) misoprostol.Side effects
    When using in early pregnancy nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, pain in the lower abdomen. It noted the extremely rare occasions flushing, fever, itching, allergic reactions.Overdose
    misoprostol toxicity was not found in humans. Clinical signs that may indicate excess dosages are drowsiness, tremor, cramps, abdominal pain, fever, tachycardia, hypotension or bradycardia.The interaction with other drugs
    reception for a long time of rifampicin, isoniazid, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, cimetidine, acetylsalicylic acid, indomethacin and barbiturates, smoking more than 10 cigarettes per day of misoprostol stimulates metabolism, reducing its level in the serum. Within 1 week after misoprostol should abandon admission of aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.special instructions1. In the application for the termination of early pregnancy, misoprostol should be used only in combination with mifepristone.
    2. In combination with mifepristone, misoprostol should be used only by prescription and under medical supervision and only in specialized hospitals, with capacity to provide emergency surgical and gynecological transfusion support.
    3. Before the appointment of misoprostol patient must be informed in detail about the action and the possible side effects of the drug. The patient should be observed in a medical institution for 4-6 hours prior to taking the drug. During and after taking the drug the patient timely medical assistance in the event of massive bleeding or other complications should be provided.
    4. After receiving the drug in patients, as a rule, there is a slight vaginal bleeding, some women have very long. At a very early stage of pregnancy is possible miscarriage after receiving mifepristone, but in this case also requires acceptance of misoprostol tablets to optimize the results of pharmacological effects. After receiving misoprostol in approximately 80% of women miscarriage occurs within 6 hours and approximately 10% of women -. 1 week
    5. Patients should be retested in the same hospital after 8-15 days after taking the drug. If necessary, it should be carried out or ultrasound to determine the level of human dianabol reviews chorionic gonadotropin in serum. If you suspect incomplete abortion or continuation of the pregnancy is necessary to conduct a comprehensive medical examination in a timely manner.
    6. With incomplete abortion or ongoing pregnancy, estimated at 10-14 days of receiving mifepristone necessarily spend vakuumaspiratsiyu with subsequent histological examination of the aspirate, as an evaluation of the impact of the drug on the formation of congenital malformations in the fetus.



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