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Alphabolin is an anabolic steroid produced from dihydrotestosterone. It has a weak androgenic activity and a slight anabolic effect. Almost all athletes compare Alphabolin and Mastebolin. Alphabolin is an injectable form of a substance, which is a long-acting ether (through the gradual transition of a substance from the muscle to the blood), presumably in 2 weeks. For the duration of exposure, Alphabolin is identical with TestoBolin. The main drawback is painful injections.


The best efficacy of Alphabolin Alpha-Pharma is manifested in the work cycle on muscle definition (relief) (helps to keep dry muscle from catabolism along with the pronounced fat burning effect)
Unexpressed androgenic properties (44% of testosterone) allow the use of the drug by women for sporting purposes, without fear of androgenic side effects
The lack of conversion to estrogen, insignificant oppression of own testosterone, and the absence of toxic effects on the liver make it possible to classify the drug as the safest means of sports pharmacology
It is a powerful anti-catabolic, and also promotes the growth of strength and the acceleration of metabolism

How to take Alphabolin

As already mentioned, the effect of the drug can be described as “soft.” Therefore, the course of Alphabolin can last up to about two months. Longer use of a steroid is not recommended, as the risk of side effects increases significantly. The dosage of methenolone enanthate is 400 milligrams per week. Upon completion of the course it is recommended to conduct PCT. It is better to start taking a steroid, after consulting with a sports doctor.

The question of how to take Alphabolin in combination with other anabolic and AAS is relevant, given its weak anabolic effect. Masson-selective courses are often supplemented with Nandrolone (the optimal choice, allowing to achieve significant results with minimal risk of undesirable adverse reactions), Testosterone, Anadrol, Winstrol, Methandrostenolone and Sustanon.

Side effects

Alphabolin does not cause development of gynecomastia and edema, elevation of the level of harmful cholesterol and blood pressure. The decrease in the production of testosterone levels is insignificant, and usually does not require the use of special remedies. But still, in the case of long courses and large doses, gonadotropin is recommended. The androgenic effect of Alphaboline from Alpha Pharma is small. Perhaps the emergence of increased excitability, aggression and insomnia. In general, the side effects of Alphabolin are an exception to the rules, and not a regularity.