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The active ingredient of injections is steroid boldenone undsilenate. This is a form of prolonged boldenone: the duration of activity is up to 14 days. Steroidal boldenone was originally produced for use in veterinary medicine, but shows high effectiveness as a sport dope.

Structurally, Boldabol is a derivative of testosterone that is structurally similar to methandienone (boldenone was developed as an analog of methandienone, and a steroid with distinctive properties was obtained at the output). Has a comparable testosterone index of anabolic activity (100% of endogenous testosterone) and reduced androgenic (50% of endogenous testosterone).


The drug has a wide range of effects, so it can be effectively used in almost any kind of sports associated with heavy physical activity, including bodybuilding, heavy or light athletics.

Boldabol , applied on the course, may be the only steroid, but is often combined with other drugs. For a quick and pronounced set of muscle mass, long-acting testosterone binders (enanthate, cypionate or testosterone mix, like Omnadren), methandienone, nandrolone decanoate and even oxymetholone are popular. For a set of dry muscle mass – stanozolol, turinabol, testosterone propionate, methenolone enanthate and others.

The dosage of Baldabol for men can reach 600-800 mg per week. But, as a rule, more moderate doses are recommended – within 400-600 mg per week. The average duration of injection is 8 weeks.

Pros of Boldabol

– practically does not affect the liver, it does not aromatize and does not possess progestogenic activity. By many indications, boldenone can be considered one of the safest drugs among AS;
– has androgenic activity identical with testosterone esters (for example, testosterone propionate);
– has a very long half-life (14 days), which allows the athlete to confine himself to more rare injections, but with higher doses of the drug;
– Boldenone can be used both on the mass and on drying and at the same time combine with any steroid;

The disadvantages of Boldabol

– very weak anabolic index. You can not get a lot of muscle mass on the boldenone. In this case, solo use of boldenone does not make sense either on the mass or on drying. And here it is combined to use it with something or just makes sense because of the absence of side effects (aromatization, progestogen activity, influence on the liver).