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Durabol 100 acts on cellular receptors and stimulates energy and metabolic processes. Effects on genetic structures lead to an intensive synthesis of proteins and the growth of muscle tissue.
Nandrolone Phenyl reduces protein loss by cells and improves the absorption (absorption) of amino acids from the intestine. Since Nandrolone Phenyl reduces articular pain, provoking intensive production of collagen and articular lubricant (synovial fluid), this drug is especially suitable for athletes who have traumatic injuries.
Durabol 100 increases the number of erythrocytes in the blood, which leads to an intensive oxygen exchange and improves the strength and endurance of athletes. The drug also helps the absorption of calcium by bone tissue.
In comparison with other drugs containing nandrolone, this drug acts faster, which shortens the period of recovery of the natural level of testosterone in the body after finishing the course.

Effects of taking Durabol 100

How to take Durabol 100 Increase protein synthesis by the body. Muscle mass on the course grows gradually, but you gain dry quality fibers.
Increased strength.
Stimulation of collagen synthesis and the formation of additional synovial fluid. These two functions of Durabol 100 help strengthen ligaments and joints, as well as increase their mobility.
Strengthening of immunity, anti-inflammatory effect.
Improved absorption of amino acids.
It is a mistake that the effects of decanoate and phenylpropionate nandrolone are somewhat different. In fact, the difference is only in time the excretion into the blood of the active substance

Side effects

The use of Durabol 100 in reasonable doses rarely causes negative reactions. Prolonged intake and excess of the recommended amount can increase the level of prolactin in the blood and decrease libido.
Durabol 100 is one of the safest and most reliable steroids recommended for use by experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters. The drug is suitable for permanent and enhanced training.