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Enaprime is a steroid of androgen-anabolic action and is manufactured by Eminence . It is used in the period of levying muscle mass, as well as to increase strength. Especially popular pharmacies are used in such areas as bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting and other power sports. The main active substance of the drug is testosterone enanthate, which refers to long-acting steroids. This esterified form of testosterone is planted on the ether, when injected into the muscle tissue, is stored in the fat depot. Splitting of the substance occurs not immediately, but gradually is released into the blood.

Depending on the individual characteristics, the substance can be active for 2-3 weeks. On doping control, it can be detected within three months. The half-life is about 6-7 days. The anabolic and androgenic index is 100% of testosterone. The rapid collection of mass is associated with the accumulation of fluid. This is due to the estrogenic activity of testosterone and sodium retention. After the end of the course, about 30% of the mass loss is observed.

Effects from the use

Increased musculature. Actively used in bodybuilding.
The effect of androgens due to which the water is eliminated from the body.
Improves the mobility of the joints during the training process.
The recovery of the organism is accelerated.
Increased motivation for training.
Burn fat layers.

PCT after the course

PCT should be started after 14 days after the end of the cycle. Also recommend taking gonadotropin at a dose of 250 mg.


This drug on the basis of testosterone enanthate in sports practice is used primarily for recruiting muscle mass, increasing endurance and strength. It can be effectively applied in a variety of sports, where appropriate improvements are required. It can be bodybuilding, weightlifting or even martial arts.
For sporting purposes, doses of Enaprime are usually recommended in the area of ​​250-500 mg per week. It is possible to use large doses (about 750 mg per week), if there is a need and allows the experience of the practitioner. In accordance with the concentration of the active substance, it turns out that for the recommended dosage, you need exactly 1-2 ml of the drug (respectively 250-500 mg) or 3 ml for a weekly dosage of 750 mg.