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Clenbuterol – a medicinal product used in bodybuilding to accelerate the metabolism and intensive burning of excess fat. Observance of a low-calorie diet allows you to accelerate the metabolism to 20-30%. The opinion that the drug has an anabolic effect is erroneous. The anti-catabolic effect of its use is insignificant.


The effective dose of clenbuterol starts from 20 μg / day as the minimum value to 40-140 μg / day, and is the maximum dosage. I think it’s best to start with 40 mcg / day and evaluate the results on an ongoing basis, increasing the dose by 20 mcg at a time, as needed. Many users adjust the dosage to a level where the hands begin to tremble, but the loss of fat can be improved noticeably at doses well below this point.

The use of clenbuterol should be cyclic, rather than used continuously or for extended periods of time, but there is no accurate picture of its use. The period of use is usually from 2 to 8 weeks. Periods of use, lasting 2 weeks or more at dosages significantly exceeding 40 μg / day will be less effective. This can be avoided if you drink 1 mg of ketotifen once a day, preferably before nursing.

Side effects

Astralean Alpha Pharma has no toxic effects on the kidneys and liver, however it can cause some psychosomatic reactions – tremor, sweating, insomnia, nervous excitement. These effects are eliminated by Ketotifen or go away by themselves after stopping the intake.
Astralean Alpha Pharma is a safe and effective slimming and fat burning product used by athletes to achieve optimal shape. Especially effective at the stage of preparation for competitions.

Effects of admission

Acceleration of the process of body fat reclamation
Acceleration of metabolism
Stimulation of the nervous system
Slightly expressed anti-catabolic effect
Temperature increase