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Lioprime is the trade name of the drug lyoteronin sodium. It is not an anabolic steroid, but a hormone of the thyroid gland. In medicine, it is used in cases of thyroid diseases, obesity, metabolic disorders and fatigue. More specifically, this remedy is a pharmaceutical preparation made from natural thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine (T-3). When taking Lioprime , the process of metabolism of patients is accelerated. The result is increased cellular activity, which is expressed in a faster processing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This drug is very popular with athletes, as it promotes the burning of excess fats in the body. In preparation for the competition, using Lioprime , you can significantly reduce body fat, without reducing the amount of calories consumed significantly.

Side effects of T3

Lioprime  can cause some side effects on the body:

• Diarrhea;
• Tachycardia and high blood pressure;
• Diseases of the bones;
• heat;
• Dry mouth;
• Increased sweating;
Severe nervous disorder.

In addition, the thyroid gland may be weakened by the adverse side effect of the drug, which can manifest itself in overdose. Some athletes may find themselves in a rash. The drug should be prescribed only by a knowledgeable specialist or a professional sports doctor.

How to use

Receive T3, start with 50mg per day, 2 times a day for 25mkg. In the morning, take 25 mg of metoprolol – a beta-blocker that eliminates heart overload and heartbeat if the pulse rate after lunch is above 70 beats. In a minute at rest, then take another 25 mg.
Gradually, you need to increase the dose to 150300 mkg per day, 3 times a day.
Dosages of metoprolol are selected individually, the pulse rate at rest should be 60-70 ud. in a minute. Be sure to reduce the dosage of T3 if there are pronounced pobochki. Do not abruptly take T3, lower dosages smoothly, 2 weeks before the end of the cycle, until the drug is completely discontinued.
The duration of the cytovere course is 4-7 weeks, the minimum break between courses is 3-4 weeks.

Effects of the cytavirus Triiodothyronine:

– Burning fat
– Metabolism acceleration
– Suppressing appetite
– Increase of physical working capacity
– Stimulating effect on the central nervous system
– Decreased need for sleep