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Mastabol 100 is a modern effective drug based on diprostanone dipropionate. The main goal of the drug is to increase the power parameters without weight gain, as well as accelerate the processes of utilization of adipose cells. The active ingredient Mastabol 100 is a derivative of the most potent androgen, dihydrotestosterone.

The drug is characterized by strong androgenic properties with moderate anabolic activity. Mastabol is not able to actively affect the androgen receptor type and is not converted to estradiol. Moreover, the steroid we are considering today exhibits anti-estrogenic activity. Another feature of the steroid is the ability to inhibit globulin.

Effect and action

The effect is expressed in a pure increase in muscle mass without accumulation of fat and water, increases the strengths. The effect and functioning of the mastabol from the British Dragon are most noticeable in lean athletes, in which the percentage of subcutaneous fat in the body does not exceed the norm, as a result of the admission, the remaining subcutaneous fat is cleansed, the veins start to appear, and the muscles acquire a beautiful appearance with a peak effect.
The drug is taken when the percentage of body fat is minimal (after the weight race or at the end of the course for drying). In this case, the acceptance of the master can give a very strong effect of the density and stiffness of the muscles. The result does not have to wait long, within a week after the first injection, you will notice a clear separation of each muscle, while your weight will slowly grow.

Application of Mastabol 100

In sports, this drug is used mainly by men, and they use it more often on long courses of drying in order to obtain quality musculature, devoid of water and fat. Women, as already noted, do not usually use these injections because of the high enough androgenic activity that can lead to virilization.
How to take Mastabol 100 in sports, in particular in bodybuilding, and with what steroid means it can be combined? There are many options and effective combinations. The choice of any specific combination should first of all be based on the goal pursued by the athlete, his experience and financial possibilities.
For beginners to dry, the joint course of this anabolik + testosterone propionate may well be suitable, which follows the following pattern: testosterone 100 mg every two days for 8 weeks, drostanolone dipropionate also 100 mg every two days (8 weeks). PKT will need tamoxifen (30 mg daily for 3 weeks), plus, you can add tribulus.

Side Effects of Mastabol

Mastabol has a low effect on the liver, is not addictive and has an optimal androgenic effect. The optimal dosage for men is 300-500 ml per week. Women are allowed a dosage of 25-30 ml per day. It should not be exceeded, since no significant changes at the level of physiological indicators will occur, but the likelihood of negative manifestations will increase. The duration of the course is about 6-10 weeks, and sometimes can reach 12 weeks. Everything depends on the level of preparation and tasks. Side effect with respect to dosage is very rare.