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Metilver from Vermodje is a steroid drug, effective and therefore accepted for the development of athleticism. It is characterized by the predominant androgenic over anabolic activity (respectively 150% to 130% of endogenous testosterone) and rapid action after application (6-8 hours).

The drug has an active active substance methyltestosterone, a methyl testosterone compound for oral administration (because of the methyl group in the 17-alpha position it does not break down in the liver, but becomes hepatotoxic).

As a derivative of testosterone, the drug to some extent has all of its effects, including the development of secondary male sexual characteristics. The course encourages an increase in the level of free testosterone, for which it is valued not only in sports, but also in medical practice (prescribed for violations of sexual activity).


  • Enhance the athlete’s endurance and strength;
  • Increased level of free testosterone in the blood;
  • Stimulation of aggression and increase of efficiency;
  • Faster recovery of the nervous system.

How to take Metilver

The Metilver course is highly not recommended for women because of pronounced androgenic properties (most likely, there will be signs of virilization – a change in the shape of the body by the male type, facial hair and / or coarsening of the voice). For men, the dosage ranges from 10 to 50 milligrams per day. Given the short period of action of the substance – from 6 to 8 hours, reception is carried out daily. The recommended duration of the Metilver course is up to 1 month.


If you want to know what other athletes think about this drug and its active ingredient (methyltestosterone), then be sure to visit our Forum. Here you can also get practical recommendations on the use of this and many other pharmacological agents, plus, learn about their properties. At the Forum there is an extensive database with descriptions of the qualities used in the sports of pharmacology, from steroids to anti-estrogens.

What do they say about Metilver as a tool for athletes? First of all, they note that the drug is not designed for use with the purpose of recruiting muscle mass, because it is endowed with low anabolic activity. Use it in sports according to statements should be for other purposes, for example, to increase aggression and thereby improve the training process, or to restore the body.