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Oxaver is an anabolic steroid, the active ingredient of which is Oxandrolone, manufactured by Vermodje.
One of the safest steroids used to increase strength, increase the relief and stiffness of the muscles. Ideal with a drying period for athletes with a small percentage of fat and a sufficient amount of muscle mass.
It is popular among athletes who want to increase their strengths while retaining their weight category. Actively used in bodybuilding thanks to a low androgenic index.


This steroid is known for the fact that it is good to grow strength and quality mass, it is used mainly before the competition, when the accumulation of water in the muscles is undesirable. The standard dosage is 15-25mg per day, also it can go in conjunction with primobolaninstrolom, for even higher quality, or with halotextomotrenbolone for large mass profit. Some athletes use oxandrolone in conjunction with testosterone esters or methandrostenalone, for additional strength gain, due to the androgen component.

For women who are afraid of the masculinizing effect of other steroids, this drug is a finding, at 5 mg per day it gives them very good results, and without side effects. Impatient persons can add vinstrolprimobolan or nandrolone phenylpropionate to it.

When using his solo, you can do without post-course therapy. But of course, in high dosages, because of reverse estrogenic communication, the effect of lowering the libido may appear.

How to use?

Reception of the drug is carried out mainly long courses – 6-8 weeks on average, which most beginners or experienced athletes are enough to develop optimal results from drying to increasing strength.

The effective dosage of Oxaver is chosen only individually, depending on the tasks, experience and tolerance of the body. The average recommended dose is 20 to 80 mg per day (the steroid is not long-lived, it is active up to 24 hours, therefore, reception with daily frequency is required to achieve the desired result).

On the course Oxaver can effectively combine with various steroid anabolics and androgens: methenolone, boldenone, testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone, stanozolol and other tasks, respectively.

How to take Oxaver combined, today is interested in many amateurs and even sports professionals, so further examples of combination courses of the drug will be given: with methenolone enanthate – women in sports for weight loss / drying; With methenolone enanthate and bolden – novice athletes for drying; Testosterone and drostanolone propionate or trenbolone acetate – experienced athletes on drying.

Side effects

OXAVER tablets and their analogues have an altered dihydrotestosterone molecule in which the second carbon atom is replaced by an oxygen atom. As a result, the anabolic effect of the drug is dramatically increased, and the androgenic effect is greatly reduced. The lack of progestagenic and estrogenic activity reduced the side effects of Oxaver from Vermodje to a minimum, and the positive effect of taking the drug manifested almost immediately. Before taking this steroid, the athlete should already have the muscular mass collected, which will dry the oxandrolone, but there should be no excess fat deposits.
The main effect of the substance is aimed at activating the production of creatine phosphate and gonadotropin. There is a rapid withdrawal of water from the tissues, the musculature becomes drier and stiffer, while strength and endurance are growing.
Oxaver (10 mg / tab) does not aromatize, and side effects are rare for him. In some cases, there is nausea and headaches, there may be a decrease in appetite and libido on the course. Tablets are slightly toxic to the liver and slightly reduce the production of testosterone by the body.
Cost Oksaver (Oxandrolone) is not low, and the pharmacy does not buy it, but the price is justified by quality. On the course of this drug, the results are preserved for a long time, and most importantly, its reception is safe. The steroid delays calcium and helps to strengthen and grow bones, which is especially important for juniors.