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Parabolin is an injectable preparation of delayed-action trenbolone. Its resorption time is about two weeks, which is more favorable for use in humans, due to less frequent injections. Trenbolone is three times more androgenic than testosterone. The effect of trenbolone is often compared with such popular drugs as testosterone and methandrostenolone, only it has no estrogenic side effects.


Parabolin has a pronounced androgenic effect on the athlete’s body. Also, the drug has a moderate anabolic effect. The action of the product begins immediately after its introduction into the blood. The drug is injected. The molecule of drostanolone, after entering the blood, is attached to the protein receptors of the cell. After that, the steroid penetrates inside through the hyplase and at the gene level starts the process of qualitative improvement of muscles.
In a word, the drug helps to create those conditions in which muscles will develop as intensively, impulsively, and qualitatively. If you want to get the most from using this steroid, then we recommend not to hesitate with the choice, because the amount is limited.

How to Take Parabolin

The recommended course of Parabolin has a duration of 5-6 weeks. It is better to begin reception, having preliminary consulted with the expert and having handed over necessary analyzes. The weekly dosage should not exceed 300 milligrams, considering the long side chain of hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, one injection in 7-10 days is enough. It will be reasonable to start a course with a minimum dosage: this will give an opportunity to check the reaction of the body, and in case of occurrence of adverse reactions stop taking. Parabolin greatly inhibits the production of testosterone by the body, and in this connection it is recommended that gonadotropin be administered from the second week and until the second week after steroid withdrawal. As a PCT, Toremifene or Clomifene is used. The administration of tamoxifen is undesirable because the drug enhances the progestin effect of trenbolone.


As in such PCT there is no need for a solo course of Parabolin. But immediately it is worth noting that it is important to determine the correct treatment in case Parabolin is not the only drug on the course. For example, if you take Parabolin in combination with testosterone, the course will need gonadotropin. You will also have to use various testosterone boosters to raise the level of natural testosterone production.

Side effects

Side effects include acne, local alopecia, enlargement of the prostate and an increase in aggression. Although, the last effect, if it is directed in the right direction, will help to become even stronger and even more powerful. And about the increase in blood pressure and fluid retention can generally be forgotten.