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Primobolan is a completely unique steroid that does not have identical counterparts. First, primobolan does not translate into estrogens, so when it is used, there are usually no side effects associated with estrogen. This means that problems such as acne, swelling, gynecomastia, etc. Can not be associated with the use of primobolan. Thus, primobolan is a very useful steroid for those who are prone to undesirable side effects, such as acne and gynecomastia. Due to the fact that primobolan practically does not promote the retention of fluid in the body, it is often effectively used in so-called “drying”. Its effect for the acquisition of muscle relief is explained not only by the low or even zero level of fluid retention, but also by its anabolic nature, and also by the property of retaining nitrogen. And this, mainly, means that it keeps muscles very well when calories are in short supply during drying.

Effect of the drug

For beginners, Methenolone Acetate (Primobolan) is attractive because it has a tablet form, since not everyone decides on the course of injection steroids when he only tests the effect of such drugs in his body and is not yet sure whether he wants to do it professionally. It is to buy Primobolan in this case, it will be the best idea, since it practically does not have a toxic effect on the human liver, and it also acts in the body for only five hours, that is, if there are side effects from its use, you can quickly stop taking it, and so Minimize the negative effect.

Effects of taking

• Minimal phenomenon of rollback. Despite the fact that using Primo’s solo course it is impossible to gain a lot of muscle mass, all the fibers obtained will be dry and will stay with you.
• Lack of water retention in the body.
• Primore does not accumulate body fat.
• Do not aromatize. What is injectable is that the oral form of the drug is not converted into estrogens. You can take Primoprime without antiestrogenic drugs. Such phenomena as edema and gynecomastia are not found.
• Used at the exit from the course of the use of heavy anabolic steroids.


Application and dosage

Steroid can be used as the only one on the course, and in ligaments with other drugs. In most cases, it is ideal for athletes whose main goal is to build quality musculature.
Before the beginning of the course, you will need to undergo a preparatory stage, which provides for a full medical examination with the delivery of appropriate tests, adherence to sports nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, devoid of bad habits and stressful situations. Before the start of the course, the athlete must possess good health and not have chronic illnesses.
• The duration of Primobolan is 6-8 weeks.
• The tablet form of the drug provides daily consumption of 50-100 mg.