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Primore is the best drug for beginners in bodybuilding, which allows to securely achieve good results in muscular growth and strength indicators. A minimum of side effects allows you to take it without fear and female athletes. The high anabolic properties of this AAS and the absence of fluid retention make it possible to use it in drying courses, when it is necessary to preserve the already collected muscle mass.
The drug is manufactured by Vermoj (Moldova). It is a steroidal anabolic and long-acting androgen: anabolic activity is predominant – 88% of testosterone, androgenic – reduced to 44% of testosterone. Characterized completely not peculiar to aromatization.

The Primover effect

The effect of Primover for an athlete is an increase in stiffness and relief, a qualitative growth of muscles, in contrast to cases of using flavoring steroids, not accompanied by a fluid retention.
Who can recommend Primover? To athletes of almost any physical discipline, even to women in sports, since the steroid does not have pronounced androgenic properties. When using a moderate dosage, the risk of virilization (symptoms like aggression, acne or coarsening of the voice) is virtually nonexistent.
Injection Primer reviews are often described well. If the athlete knows the ability of the drug and the capabilities of his own organism, the results will not take long to wait. At the same time, most of the side effects (estrogenic, progestagenic or androgenic) peculiar to other steroids bypass the methenolone, which only increases its relevance as doping of athletes.
In connection with the specificity of the action Primore in injections is used primarily in drying courses, when the goal is not to maximize the musculature, but to obtain qualitative results, up to a set of dry muscle mass.


As a rule, I will take advantage of courses aimed at drying and improving the relief of muscles. The range of working dosages is from 200 mg. A week and up to the values ​​that you can afford. Those. From your financial solvency, since the prima is still not a cheap drug. As practice shows, the dosage of Primobol is 300 mg. A week is the starting point, that you would feel the effect of using this medication. A dosage of 600 mg. Prima in a week is able to show good results.
I will admit it is possible to recommend it to those who apply pharma for the first time and are afraid of side effects, since the Primover is.
Combine I will accept practically with all variety of preparations.

Side effects

Due to the fact that the drug is not converted into estrogens, it is considered one of the safest anabolic drugs. The level of secretion by the body of testosterone is suppressed slightly and is quickly restored at the end of the course. According to the studies, the oral form of methenolone, taken at a dosage of 40 milligrams daily, halves the level of testosterone at the end of the course. However, this applies to long-term use. For courses longer than 10 weeks, gonadotropin should be taken to avoid testicular atrophy. The side effects indicated in the instructions to the Primo from Vermoja are minimal, or do not occur at all. Methenolone does not have a strong effect on blood pressure, does not cause a rise in cholesterol, very rarely  can cause baldness, aggression, insomnia, excessive excitability and liver damage.