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Promifen is an antiestrogenic drug from the Moldovan pharmacological company Alpha Pharma. The main active substance is clomiphene. Form release – tablets, in a package of 25 pcs. 50 mg / tab. Clomiphene is a selective modulator of estrogen receptors. Has antagonistic and agonist properties, blocks the effect on the body of estrogen by binding to receptors. Promifen blocks the feedback of estrogens with the hypothalamus (when Clomid is taken, estrogens do not affect the pituitary gland, and thus do not reduce the production of LH and FSH) and stimulates the production of gonadoliberin. As a result of these processes, the pituitary gland produces large amounts of luteinizing hormone, which in turn increases testosterone secretion by testicles.

How to take Promifen ?

To use this antiestrogenic drug for sporting purposes is recommended mainly to men. In this case, it is advised to take it immediately after the end of the course of t3 steroid, literally the next day. So, you will protect yourself as much as possible from the risk of manifestation of the “retracement phenomenon” caused by a decrease in the production of your own testosterone and the subsequent activation of catabolic processes.
Note that the recommended dosage for PCT dosage Promifen is 50-150 mg per day (the course usually uses doses of about 50 mg per day). And after the course therapy with his participation lasts an average of about 2-3 full weeks (the dose and duration of the reception largely depends on the steroid used during the course).
To those who do not know how to take Promifen , we will show that the doses of this drug are calculated quite easily, because he has a convenient concentration of the active substance. So, to consume the maximum recommended 150 mg of PCT, you will need exactly 3 tablets, for an average dose of 100 mg – 2 tablets, etc.

Positive Feedback Promifen

1. Recovery of a low level of own testosterone.
2. Blocking of estrogen receptors, prevention of gynecomastia.
3. Minor fat burning effect.
4. Stimulation of spermatogenesis.
5. Increased levels of LH and FSH.
6. Preserves the results achieved during the steroid course at the PCT.

PCT (post-course therapy) Promifen

The optimal duration of PCT with this drug is 3 weeks. Dosages in the first week range from 100 to 150 mg per day. Next week, the dosage is 100 milligrams per day, and at 3 weeks – 50 mg per day. It is very good to take the product together with proviron