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Methenolone enanthate ideally suits both beginners and experienced bodybuilders who are striving for a course of steroids to achieve a qualitative increase in dry muscle mass. The active substance primobolana is dissolved on oleate, which, in turn, increases the period of action of the drug itself. During the course of injection, primobolan muscle in addition to increasing its volume will be dry and embossed. There will also be visible deposits of accumulation of excess fluid in the muscles.

Prominate-100 is the brand name of Methenolone Enanthate. This considerably is one of the strong steroids available in the market. This steroid has relatively lower estrogen effects, so the users who are sensitive to that hormone may use this one to avoid any sort o estrogenic effects. This steroid is 1-methylated so that the users consume it orally.

Pharmachologic effect

Methenolone enanthate is a synthetic derivative of digitrotestosterone, an anabolic drug of prolonged action. Promotes the synthesis of protein in the body, causes a delay of nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorides and phosphorus. This in turn leads to an increase in muscle mass and accelerated bone growth (in therapeutic doses), increases the dry mass of muscles. It is often used in those cases when the loss of muscle mass was the result of operations, long-term infections, severe illnesses, an overdose of corticosteroids or during recovery. The drug has a low androgenic activity.

How to use

This is a high anabolic steroid which should be consumed as 100 to 200mg per week. It may initially start with 200mg per week and gradually can be taken down to 100mg per week as the cycle of the steroid proceeds. This sort of administration should be continued for two weeks. However, if the users are looking for a better and stronger physique within a short span of time then they can increase the dosage as 300mg per week as well. The total steroid cycle is supposedly be to be continued for 4 to 8 weeks.

Side effects

A strong steroid like Prominate-100 has indeed some side effects like other anabolic-androgenic steroids. As this steroid is not naturally estrogenic, the users may not come in contact to any estrogenic problem or symptoms. However, increasing RBC may increase the blood pressure which can trouble the users later on. Cardiovascular problems may also sustain and make the issue look grave enough than usual. Suppression of testosterone may lead to low testosterone amount at one point and therefore many problems, even impotency may occur among the users.