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The active substance of the drug is placerolone, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. A distinctive property of the substance was its high androgenic activity, which allows athletes to burn fat more intensively during drying.
Medical science has since the 1970s explored what Proviron is from Vermoja and what its effect on the human body is. The first studies were conducted in the field of treatment of depressive conditions in men, and later the antiestrogenic properties of placeolone and its positive effect in the treatment of infertility in men were discovered.
Today in bodybuilding, Proviron-ver (50 mg / tab) is the best drug for blocking the conversion of steroids into estrogens. This means that the athlete protects the athlete from the negative side effects of anabolic steroids, such as gynecomastia, water accumulation and fat deposition.

How does it work

Proviron-ver promotes the concentration of its own testosterone in the blood, but it does not affect its natural production. Also, Proviron-ver helps to block the activity of globulin, which binds all the sex hormones. Such properties of Proviron-ver make it an excellent assistant for athletes both during the course of treatment with and after steroids, in order to restore the natural level of testosterone in the body.
Also Proviron-ver to improve the recovery of the natural rate of testosterone in the body of the athlete, often used in combination with other drugs, among which are worth mentioning such as: Clomed, Tamoxifen and Gonadotropin.

Effects of taking Proviron-ver

  • Blocking the globulin that binds the sex hormones. This effect of the drug makes it attractive in combination with steroids, as it enhances their effect.
  • Suppression of estrogenic activity (moderate / weak).
  • Increased concentration in the blood of free testosterone.
  • Increase libido and improve potency on the course. In this regard, Proviron-ver is often used in combination with AAS, in order to compensate for the suppression of sexual function.
  • Increase in the relief and hardness of the musculature.


According to the provironerve reviews, the average daily dosage for men is 50 mg per day. Dosage should be divided into two equal parts, which should be taken after meals. Dosage, which allows to obtain excellent results, is considered 100 mg per day. Over the specified volume, taking proviron is not recommended, because the effect may be directly opposite to what is expected.

Women are advised to carefully take proviron, because there may be androgenic side effects. The recommended dosage for them is 25 mg per day. Increasing the dosage, as well as a course longer than 4 weeks, increases the risk of manifestations of virilization. As many experienced athletes note, combining proviron with a diet, you can achieve accelerated burning of fats, coupled with fast hardening of muscles.

Side effects

Side effects occur with an overdose of the drug. If you are too carried away by proviron, you will be able to face excessive strengthening of erectile function. Because of this, you will begin to experience discomfort in everyday life. In order to avoid this, do not increase the dose of the drug and do not mix it with testosterone esters. In addition, an overdose of the provid may inhibit the production of its own male hormone.