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Alpha Pharma Rexogin is an injectable steroid, developed one of the first in its industry. Injections are presented in the form of an aqueous suspension, the tabletted Winstrol has high stability and bioavailability. Its anabolic effect reaches up to 320%, compared with testosterone, whereas androgenic – ten times less. Winstrol is also known for a record long detection time on doping control – up to a year.

Specificity of the drug is that it does not cause a noticeable increase in muscles, but it gives them a relief and a clear drawing of the veins, while also relieving the fatty layer. In addition, it increases appetite, improves the strength and endurance of athletes.

Effects of admission

Increase in the roughness, relief and venousity of the muscle fibers. The reception of Rexogin practically does not cause an increase in the volume of musculature. But it improves the appearance of the muscles. This property determines the popularity of the steroid in bodybuilding as a means of precompetitive training.
Increased strength and endurance.
Increased appetite.
Stimulation of burning fatty deposits.
Possible anti-progestagen and anti-estrogenic effects.

Contraindications and side effects

Winstrol is considered a relatively safe drug, recommended even for women. With its admission, gynecomastia and swelling are very rare phenomena. However, long reception can adversely affect the ligaments and joints, so competently calculate the duration of the course and physical activity.

Often, athletes who take Winstrol, may increase pressure and increase cholesterol. As for the negative effects on the liver, it can be neutralized with hepatoprotectors. In general, the side effects of Stanozolol are rare, and all the prescriptions of the sports doctor can be avoided.

How to take Rexogin

The Rexogin course is ideal for athletes interested in increasing strength and endurance without gaining weight. The athlete, who has a moderate amount of fat and sufficient weight, with stanozolol can achieve significant results. The optimal dosage of injectable stanozolol is 20 milligrams daily. For boxers and athletes will be enough and 10-20 milligrams. However, both the duration of the course, and the dosage is better coordinated with the sports doctor. The average duration of taking Rexogin from Alfa Pharma is about 6 weeks. You can spend a longer course, but then significantly increases the risk of damage to the liver.