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The drug Testo-Non-10 was created to obtain a rapid effect, which lasts for a long time. For this, a combination of short-acting and long-acting testosterones was used. Due to the developed chemical formula of sustanone, the testosterones entering the drug penetrate into the blood at different rates. And also testosterone have a different time manifestation of the highest activity.
As a result, when using Testo-Non-10 , the testosterone level in the athlete’s blood is higher than when using individual types of testosterone. Thus, the drug Testo-Non-10 gives a quick effect and this one is for a long time. A day after receiving the steroid has an active effect on the athlete’s body and continues to work for four weeks. These qualities make Testo-Non-10 very popular among athletes.

Side effects

Side effects of Testo-Non-10 due to the appearance of a high degree of aromatization of the drug and converting it into estrogens. The course of the drug is characterized by such phenomena as increased blood pressure, decreased production of its own testosterone, increased aggressiveness, increased libido.
There are also possible side effects of Testo-Non-10 (testosterone mix), like gynecomastia, acne, excessive sweating and baldness. Most of them are easily preventable, simply by incorporating anti-estrogens into the course. We recommend not to neglect them and gonadotropin after the course, although their cost is comparable with the price of the steroid itself. To get rid, for example, of gynecomastia will require considerably greater expenditure of finances and nerves afterwards.
It is worth noting such an advantage of the drug as safety for the liver. However, after the injection, it is detected on the doping control for 4 months, so it is not very suitable for use before the competition.

Dosage of Testo-Non-10

The dosage of the drug depends on the strength of the athlete and varies from 250 ml per week to 1000 ml per day. Such high dosages can only be used by professional athletes. Usually athletes take 250-1000 ml of drug per week.
Beginners take 250 ml of Testo-Non-10 once a week. To enhance the effect, you can additionally take any oral steroid. Athletes who want to quickly increase muscle mass, combine the drug with deca-durabolin, anapolone or methandiene.
To improve the quality of muscles and relief, Testo-Non-10 is combined with stanozolol (Winstrol), primabolan, parabolon or oxandrolone. In the treatment of the drug is used as a basic steroid, which gives the athlete the energy to restore training, increases the athlete’s endurance.

Reviews of Testo-Non-10

Preparations with a similar mixture of testosterone have been used for a long time, and managed to earn a serious reputation as a powerful long-acting steroid. Numerous reviews from athletes, laid out on our Forum, confirm the high effectiveness of this combination of testosterone esters.
In general, reviews about Testo-Non-10 are left by more experienced athletes using it as the base preparation of the cycle. With his help, they manage to recruit at least 8-10 kg of weight per course. The main thing, as the reviews of our customers say, do not neglect the use of anti-estrogens such as Tamoxifen or Proviron. At courses lasting from 8 weeks, it is necessary to connect gonadotropin to support the secretion of endogenous testosterone.
Reviews of the Testo-Non-10 from Vermoja can be left at our Forum, and we are happy to get acquainted with your impressions of the drug. In addition, at our Forum you will find not only reviews about Testo-Non-10 or other steroids, our team of experienced experts in sports medicine will help you to create a personal reception course.