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Tren-Ace-Max. Is a steroid that has a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect. It is based on quite effective and very popular trenbolone ether: trenbolone acetate, trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and trenbolone enanthate. For the first time, the spectacular steroid entered the market in 2004, which was produced by the pharmaceutical company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Already then the drug began to win the first laurels, because it contributed to a swift, smooth and long-lasting impact on the athlete’s body. It is in sports that the drug is most in demand, since athletes accept it in cases where it is necessary to increase muscle tissue, to bring to a high level of strength and endurance.

Effects of taking Tren-Ace-Max

• Increased strength.
• Stimulation of muscular growth. For a solo course of average duration of the train and dosages with a certain predisposition of the body to a set of mass, you can gain up to 10 kilograms.
• Stimulation of insulin-like growth factor. When using Tren-Ace-Max, there is a twofold increase in the hormone IGF-1.
• Indirect and direct fat burning effect. In addition to the fact that the steroid itself activates the body to use fat cells as a source of energy, it also burns fat due to the additional release of growth hormone.
• Decreased cortisol level. The trainer protects proteins from destruction.
• Strengthening libido and sexual desire.

Course Tren-Ace-Max

Due to the high androgenic activity of the active ingredient, the use of injections of Tren-Ace-Max is recommended only to representatives of the stronger sex. In women, it is known to cause virilization, so use even in small doses is categorically contraindicated.
The Tren-Ace-Max course involves injecting the drug from four to eight weeks. With a duration of intake of more than four weeks, experienced athletes always recommend taking antiestrogens (Proviron, Tamoxifen) and administering gonadotropin. Such measures will not only avoid side effects, but will also normalize the production of their own testosterone.
How to take a trainer And you can find out in our Forum. The intake of any steroid should be correct, and if possible – coordinated with an experienced athlete. If this is not possible – our Forum will help you. We have moderators who are familiar with steroids, who also communicate with athletes with different levels of training, from beginners to pros. Therefore, if you have difficulties with the selection of the required dose – you can always ask advice from knowledgeable people.
The reception of these injections is popular with both sports professionals and amateurs. Thus, more experienced athletes are often administered 50 mg daily, or 100 mg every other day. Less experienced athletes are recommended to start using the drug with small dosages. This is done to check the reaction of the body to the active substance of the steroid.
Course Train A can also be carried out in combination with other drugs. Among the sportsmen, a joint reception with Winstrol or Anavar is popular. In this case, the dosage of each steroid should be reduced to two. The combination will give an excellent increase in dry weight and does not require the use of antiestrogens.

Tren-Ace-Max: reviews

Opinions about the drug in many ways similar. Most athletes who dealt with a similar anabolic and androgen, achieved significant results. This could not but affect its popularity – it is used by athletes regardless of the level of training.
Reviews about Tren-Ace-Max claim that for a course of eight weeks with this drug, you can gain up to 10 kilograms of relief quality musculature. The opinions of the athletes are unanimous and that with the help of the Moldovan steroid, you can quickly get rid of fat deposits, and also increase your endurance and strength.
Reviews of the Tren-Ace-Max from Vermoja should be read by all those who are just planning to start taking this drug. It is important to think over everything in detail: how and when to do injections, what should be the dose and duration of injections, what drugs should be used together in order to avoid the onset of side effects. There are many nuances and everything must be understood.