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Turinabol – a modification of testosterone, as well as a powerful derivative of methandinone.
This oral steroid has a methandienone structure but with the addition of a chlorine molecule which removes aromatization and reduces androgenicity.
Such a composition makes Turinabol softer in comparison with methandienone.
Anabolic effect by comparison with methandienone is somewhat lower, but the balance of androgenic / anabolic effects is improved.
Therefore, Turinabol in any case has less androgenic side effects.

Effect of the course

  • weight gain of 2-3 kg (subject to compliance with the training regime and proper nutrition on the course)
  •  a gain of force indicators of 12-15 kg in basic exercises (took average indicators, but a piece individual)
  • increased endurance
  • increase in speed

This is perhaps the main effects of the course of turinabol. I will say at once that a quick effect, as in the case of methane or anapolon, is not to be expected. All indicators progress slowly, but we get a better result with a minimum retracement after the course.

Turinabol dosage effects

With such an expression that turinabol is the best kind of steroid now very many athletes who accepted this anabolic in their courses will agree.

Due to its lightness and harmlessness, oral turinabol has been used in all sorts of cycles, both in terms of a set of huge muscle mass, and for relief and quality of musculature.

TurinabilAt the right combinations, turinabol will serve very well. Its reception will make every bodybuilder 4-6 kg more and not at the expense of water and fat, namely due to a hard and dry set of muscles.

The muscles are very well preserved after the cycle of turinabol. But what would be more sure about this need to drink clenbuterol after this type of steroid.

PCT after the course

PCT after the course of Turinabol is carried out by blockers of estrogen receptors. For example, Tamoxifen. In this case, the steroid itself, as a rule, is not accompanied by the use of gonadotropin or antiestrogens. With small dosages and a course duration of up to 6 weeks, often post-course therapy can be neglected.