Turinabol 10 Alpha Pharma

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Pharmachologic effect

Turinabol Alpha Pharma has a moderate anabolic effect on the body and is a steroid of prolonged (delayed) action. Athletes using Turinabol note a slow but steady increase in strength, relief and mass. Turinabol allows you to build a better muscular weight.
The drug is not aromatized (does not become estrogen), so it does not give such adverse reactions as gynecomastia (enlargement of the mammary glands), accumulation of fatty deposits by the female morphological type. This property of Turinabol is associated with the presence of a chlorine atom in the molecule of matter.
Turinabol helps to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood. The use of the drug helps reduce the risk of developing blood clots in the vessels.


The dosage of Turinabol depends on the nature of the activity. If those who are engaged in athletics, a minimum dose is enough, then for the siloviki it can be increased. Reception of the drug is usually started for one and a half to two months before the proposed competition. Turinabol is taken at 40-70 mg per day, 2-3 times. Sometimes, on the advice of a doctor, the daily dosage is increased to 100 mg. He is drunk 30 minutes after eating. It is this pattern that leads to the formation of beautiful relief muscles.

Often the drug is taken with testosterone. Be that as it may, solo or in a complex, the duration of the course should not exceed 10 weeks – otherwise the probability of side effects increases.

Contraindications and side effects

If you follow the doctor’s recommended recommendations, as such, there are almost no contraindications to Turinabol. Some patients report increased blood pressure and gynecomastia, there is a possibility of acne. In rare cases, Turinabol leads to liver damage and erectile dysfunction. However, if the recommended dosages are not exceeded, there will be no problems with taking the drug.

Turinabol in different sports

The oral steroid Turanabol has been used for a long time by professional and beginning athletes. His quick and high-quality result was appreciated by sportsmen of high-speed, power and speed-power sports. Positive feedback from bodybuilders about it allows us to state that this drug creates conditions for the accumulation of precisely high-quality muscle mass and a significant increase in strength indicators, which also has a positive effect on muscle growth itself.
In fact, this drug is considered one of the safest, the risk of side effects for women is minimal, and they can occur only under certain conditions: too long taking a steroid and exceeding the recommended dosages on the course.
Women-athletes who plan to Turanabol, you should know that the reaction to the drug is due to individual characteristics. Predisposition to virilization can affect the side effects of pills on the body of women taking pills, and testimonials indicate a fairly rare negative reactions of the female body, even for a long reception.