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Turinover, the commercial name of the drug, under the packaging of which is nothing more than the good old oralturinabol from the leader of the pharmacological industry of MoldovaVermodje.
Issued prep in tablets, sold in blisters for 25 tablets, tablets are round, tabs placed embossed with a triangle in the middle – a distinctive sign of vermode. The active substance is 4-chlorohydromethyltestosterone in a tablet.
Turinover is one of the most researched steroids in the world. Since its inception in the 1960s in the GDR, oralturinabol has become the number one doping in the training of German athletes and athletes, on which research was conducted.

How to use

The dosage of the tourist tip depends on the desired results, but the optimal is the following: for men 20-50 mg / day, for women – 10-20 mg / day. As shown in the instruction manual attached to the steroid, the drug does not lead to a significant fluid retention in the body, but it provides a noticeable increase in strengths with the accumulation of significant muscle mass.
Observance of the recommended dosage allows avoiding the occurrence of side effects and obtaining excellent results.
For the construction of dry muscle mass, male athletes are advised to combine the reception of the tourist guide vermoja (50 mg / day) with Winstrol.
The drug quickly decomposes and is excreted from the body with urine in a few days.
Turinover course on strength and endurance includes taking only 20-40 mg of the drug per day.

Side effects

Potential side effects with RT are usually dependent on dosages or individual characteristics. In women, the symptoms of verification are possible when the dosage is exceeded in 20 mg / day and with prolonged use. In men, as already mentioned, side effects associated with estrogenic activity are rarely observed. Since chlordihydro-methyl-testosterone is alkyleated by 17-alpha, it is advisable to monitor the functional state of the liver to prevent possible disorders. To all other things, FROM to concern to steroids which reception does not demand long intervals between courses, for example, at reception more than 6 weeks there are no negative effects.


Perhaps, you will not think up better reviews than the results of the Olympians. Many Soviet and East German athletes with the help of this particular substance have achieved their amazing results. Reviews about Turinover Vermodje can be easily found on the Internet, and our Forum is a confirmation. Having experienced experience in taking anabolic steroids, athletes share it with their personal impressions and results.
Modern reviews of Turinover only confirm its good reputation. The increase in strength and speed after the first weeks of taking the drug reaches 10-15%. This means that the athlete becomes available new weights and horizons.
Reviews of Turinover from Vermoja in the context of the drying effect are also pleasing. Taking the drug allows you not to use additional fat burners. Also, numerous statements in the network confirm his safety. Very rarely there is a negative effect on the athlete’s body or individual intolerance of the active substance. A high anabolic index and the effectiveness of the drug allows athletes to leave only positive opinions about it. With the help of it you can be guaranteed to increase strength and endurance, as well as gain quality musculature. Naturally, while observing the regime of intensive training and sports diet.